• INDUSTRIAL PARK Film Experiment

    A collaboration with (and initiated by) Massimiliano Mallona (anthropologist, writer and filmmaker based at Goldsmiths College).

    This series of workshops aim to explore the potentials held in the melodramatic form to call forth new articulations of the social. In parallel to this it will experiment with embellished and exaggerated reworkings of the conventions of telenovela production. By looking at the film process as labour process, we will investigate the politics of labour representation, filmmaking and alienation.

    Drawing inspiration from the alienating production process of Latin American telenovelas, the project explores frameworks for interaction, production and performance that reflect critically on the labor of filmmaking. We will develop stereotypical iterations of the departmental divisions and organisational structuring found in telenovela production. An instructional booklet offering guidelines for roles, a map of interdepartmental communication lines, a plan allocating space to departments and a shooting breakdown will be developed for the cast and crew prior to the workshop.

    PDF of roles and departments

    Industrial Park workshop @ No.w.here Summer School 'The Right to Play Oneself'

    "A group of young women go on lamenting loudly the ten cents wasted on a film without love. But in the front row, two male young workers are enthusiastic, absorbed in the proletarian drama being shown" - Patricia Galvao, Industrial Park (1930)