• THE INSPECTION HOUSE (training for the family in how to act)

    Clips from a feature film. To view the full movie go to : http://vimeo.com/59835076 password: Inspection

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    In The Inspection House, a prodigal son returns to his family home, a strange ingrown world deep inside the forest. He intends to train his relations to become actors according to his method. As the program unfolds his obfuscation of the line between fantasy and reality rises alongside his obsession with the "Hero's Quest", Hollywood's standard narrative arc.

    The structural principles of this monomyth are chewed up and regurgitated in this blackly comic look at roles and patterns within the family and society. The film employs various forms of improvisation around frameworks and reflects upon the potential for autonomy within structure. Masks are worn for the duration allowing for performers to switch between roles.

    The Inspection House (training for the family in how to act) features The Samsonov Film and Theatre Co-Operative: Joaquin Del Paso, Catriona James, Adrian Gillott, Almira Bekkulova, Francis Moore, Tato Kotetishvili, Susan Pawlak, Gabriela Kite, Fredrik Olssen, Lucy Pawlak, Irek Grzyb and Maria Czechowska. Duration: 90 minutes.


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